We dare to explore new ways, develop new skills and embrace new realities.

We are touched by the ones who like to think forward and can see beyond.

We believe in anything you are is already part of the solution.

We share our skills and resources with people in need, so we help alleviating social and ecological challenges more efficiently.

We do not believe in one direction solution. If we do not know how to solve a challenge, we change perspective.

We strive for a society that can keep tuning with everyone’s needs.

We take care of our stakeholders with gentleness and we care about their needs. We listen to their doubts and we empower them on their own rhythm.

We commit ourselves to remain relevant to organizations. Otherwise, we leave.


Through two years, Mathieu and I, Patricia, traveled around the world to visit and collaborate with 12 non-profit organizations.
In every place we went, we raised the same question:

“what is the dream for your
community? And what is stopping you
to accomplish it?”

We listened to them organization’s leaders carefully and they told us what it was needed. Also, the stories of their people, the dreams, hopes and fears.
We learnt a lot from them and specially how they address serious challenges such as poverty, no education, lack access to electricity, drinkable water, health. Or the world-wide known environmental challenges that affects directly their communities.
They were books of knowledge, wisdom and information. However, more than that.

Mathieu and I felt moved by the courage and the visionary approach of the visionaries of such organizations.
Dozens of individuals, who commit their lives to bring progress and change to within their communities, with no payment in return, and recognition of any kind.
We learnt there are many individuals and small organizations creating the change in the world we all want to see.
When they grow, their communities grow and we as humanity, all move along.
To all these incredible human beings and their communities, we promised to do something.

Ant. Element was born in 2020 as a social business with a mission to encourage every individual to solve a problem for society, so we can all be part of a conscious global transformation.

Patricia and Mathieu


Ant.Element aims to build long-lasting relationship with the
organizations, so both can grow together sustainably.
We aim to become partners and stakeholders working towards the
same goal: create positive impacts and externalities in our ecosystems.
Long-lasting working relationships cannot be built in one day, however
we follow criteria to assure we start on the same page.





The organization is led by a visionary individual whose values are embedded in the culture of the organization.

The organization is willing to change the impact and/ or funding model, therefore improve or develop new skills or capabilities.

The organization allows
Ant.Element to measure and evaluate the impact of the designed goals, as well as pursue a mindset of continuous improvement.

The organization sees us as a stakeholder and a partner in working towards the social mission of the organization and not as donors or passive investors.

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